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We are all ultimately our own competitors, and once we have overcome our biggest obstacles - ourselves -  there are no goals that cannot be reached.  Perseverance, dedication and hard work is what you need to come geared with.  Its YOU against YOU!

But you have a family doing it with you and the motivation you need is right here.  Our instructors are hard but they become one with your program and your goal.  Focused on getting you to where you have imagined and beyond.  You can succeed and grow beyond what you can imagine!  All you need to do now is take the first step.

Here are a few success stories to get yourself motivated.  Through perseverance, dedication and hard work, these members have managed to climb their mountains and reach their goals and together we maintain and encourage one another to go even further. Through the tears and sweat they have conquered.

Anneke Smit

With Smart Fitness it’s not just exercise but a lifestyle.  It’s as if you are with family when you walk in to the gym.  By training in groups you suffer together and motivate each other.  I would definitely recommend Smart Fitness to anyone who wishes to get fit in a fun way! We laugh a lot, ache a lot but definitely get fit a lot.

Karin Prinsloo

From Couch potato to gym rat.  Smart Fitness provided me with excellent service.  I always receive motivation, advice & support.  They are always ready to help &  encourage.  Giving me great advice on nutrition & meal planning. “ Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Exercise will never be the same again.  Zumba, Spinning, Cardio & weights, I have done it all.   You can too!

Frikkie Naude

I started in August 2010 weighing 105 kg. Being a sufferer of diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol, I began my journey and today, 2013, having lost 20 kg’ s (at 85 kg ) I’ m no longer a victim of lifestyle disease and I have managed to keep the weight down.

Through the dedication of everyone at Smart Fitness, towards their clients, not only keeping you motivated to be the best you can be, but also develop you, physically and mentally.  They give you the “ why” which makes the “ how” bearable.”  I have since the beginning done various cycle races, amongst which where the 175 km Kremetart, and two 94.7 cycle challenges, going onto my third, improving my time year on year .  A Balanced lifestyle has indeed become my way of life through the dedicated involvement that Smart Fitness offers.



Smart Fitness (Pty) Ltd (2014/271264/07)

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