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We are a Personal Training facility that works within your physical abilities and time limitations to reach your goals. From losing weight to climbing Kilimanjaro, we’ve helped people achieve the unbelievable and sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Setting goals is vital. We will asses you and map out a reasonable course for you to reach your set goals & maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

You know where you need go,


We at Smart Fitness have inspired and motivated more people to reach their goals, than any other health facility in our town with our Zero to Hero Cycling; Zero to Hero Walk; Belly Bootcamp and Extreme Challenges Programs.


Petro Meyring

We have a ton of success stories to tell, from the coach potatoes summiting mountains to the fat & lazy cycling 175 km stage races;  the morbidly obese losing weight & completing 21 km walking races.  Not to mention our many moms who have lost the mommy fat & middle age spread & regained their confidence & vigor for life & our dads losing their beer boeps & giving the youngsters a run for their money.


Susan Caroto


Smart Fitness (Pty) Ltd (2014/271264/07)

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